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Welcome to the Louisiana Vital Records Corrections/Amendments Site
Use this site to initiate a correction or add information to a Louisiana birth certificate.
Select the 'Continue' button below to initiate the online request.
After completing the online request, submit any required document(s) by upload or fax for pre-approval (for validation and reduced processing time).
Once pre-approved, submit document originals to Louisiana Vital Records so they may begin processing the correction/amendment.
Receive your corrected/amended certificate by UPS Air overnight service or Regular Mail.
Correction / Amendment Fees:
Statutory Amendments Filing Fee: $ 18.00
Birth Search Fee: * $ 15.00
Birth Certificate Fee (per copy): $ 9.00
State Fee: $ 0.50
VitalChek Processing Fee: $ 12.95
Shipping and Handling Fee:   Varies
* Search fee is charged to locate the record being corrected or amended, and is waived if a copy of the birth certificate is submitted along with the required evidentiary document(s).
Available Payment Methods:
All major credit cards are accepted.