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When you order critical identity documents, like vital records, you don’t want to fool around with an unauthorized service. VitalChek is the only external processor authorized across the nation for ordering official vital records like birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates online.

While we are not a government agency, we are authorized by – and work directly with – government agencies across the nation to provide these services on their behalf. They authorized VitalChek because the service we provide is easy and secure, with the fastest service and lowest cost you’ll find online.

When you need birth certificates or marriage, divorce, or death records, VitalChek is your #1 authorized online ordering source.

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Why Order from VitalChek?

Simple. We make it easy to order birth certificates and other government-certified vital records from hundreds of agencies nationwide with easy to follow instructions. Our step-by-step ordering process has clear instructions and effortless editing features to help ensure the accuracy of your order. It’s easy!

Fast. In a hurry to get your vital records? No problem. We expedite each order to help ensure you receive your certificate as quickly as possible, usually within about a week. Next-day or Second-day shipping is even available for most locations.

Secure. With identity theft on the rise, we take security and protecting your identity online seriously. Ordering vital records does require specific personal information; however, we actively safeguard your information and employ stringent security measures throughout our process including full encryption and firewall protection for your entire online transaction. We also restrict the handling of your order to only necessary, credentialed personnel and authorized government agencies.

Authorized. VitalChek actually pioneered the ability to remotely order vital records in 1987, by working with agencies to provide this service to their consumers. Unlike many other services found on the internet, we are officially authorized by, and work directly with, hundreds of government vital record agencies nationwide to provide secure online vital record ordering services 24/7/365.

Lowest Cost Online. Obtaining copies of vital records such as birth or death certificates are generally not free, with certificate fees ranging from $2.00 - $50.00 even if you visit the Vital Record Agency in person. If it’s not convenient to drive to the agency, park, and wait in line for your certificate, VitalChek is your answer. In fact, for many government agencies offering online ordering, VitalChek is their authorized method to provide such service. By charging only a minimal Processing Fee, generally ranging from $2.50-$16.00 depending upon the level of service the agency has required, VitalChek is the least-cost external online service available. Our Processing Fees cover a variety of services including secure online ordering and electronic payment processing, order tracking, 24/7 customer support, identity verification and authentication, among many other benefits. VitalChek also offers expedited shipping with our low negotiated rates (about 50% less than non-negotiated rates) if you need your certificate in a hurry. All charges specific to your order on, including expedited shipping if chosen, will be shown as you make your selections during the order process.

The agencies that issue your vital records trust VitalChek, and you can too.

What You Should Know

Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates are collectively called Vital Records, as they record major events in each person’s life, and they absolutely must be kept secure. Identity theft is a huge problem, and a thief obtaining one of these government-issued records has just stolen the “keys to the castle” identity-wise. Therefore, who you choose to order from, along with the ordering and handling process itself, must be taken with utmost seriousness.

The first step in providing security for your identity is to make sure all orders are placed by a person legally entitled to do so, as defined by the issuing agencies. In most cases, you may order a certificate for yourself or for a member of your immediate family.

Personal information will need to be provided to ensure that the person placing the order is who they say they are, and can verify pertinent details about the event for the certificate being ordered.

Although each agency has specific requirements, some of the most common are:

  • The actual date when the event occurred
  • The location (state, city and/or county) where the event occurred
    • marriage and divorce records will require different location information
  • The names of all the parties named on the requested certificate, as they appear on the certificate (including Mother’s maiden name for a birth certificate)
  • Some Agencies will require additional identity verification from the person ordering, including a Social Security Number and birth date, answering specific identity questions, or submitting a copy of an identity document (such as a driver’s license or similar). This information is used only to validate the identity of the person requesting the certificate, and is handled in the most secure manner possible.

Your Personal Information is Secure with VitalChek

The government agencies that issue your vital records trust VitalChek, and you can too.

Because we are an officially authorized service agent for hundreds of state and local governments nationwide, you can feel assured that your personal information is safe with VitalChek. The information provided in our secure ordering process is handled only by authorized, credentialed personnel and securely submitted to the appropriate agency(s) responsible for issuing the requested certificate. We do not share, sell, rent or trade any of this information with third parties for promotional purposes.

Each entire online transaction is fully encrypted and firewall-protected, meeting the highest Payment Card Industry standards (Level 1 Compliant) and federally-mandated standards set by the U.S. Department of Commerce for the transmission and storage of confidential data.

For added protection against identity theft, and full tracking capabilities, you can even choose to ShipSafe and ShipSmart™ with our express shipping options.

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